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Bethesda Methodist Church, 138a Church Road, BS5 9HH (Map)

Services: 10:45am Morning Worship

Minister: Rev David Alderman


Sunday Services and Preachers
July 2nd 10.45am Rev Anthony Hick
July 9th 10.45am Mr Ken McNally
July 16th 10.45am Mrs Henny Gray
July 23rd 10.45am Rev Mandy Briggs
July 30th 10.45am Songs of Praise
August 6th 10.45am Mrs Valerie Williams
August 13th 10.45am Rev David Deeks
August 20th 10.45am Mr Ken Luxon
August 27th 10.45am Miss Christine Stones
Weekday meetings
Every Thursday 9.30am Prayer group



Bethesda Methodist Church believes it has a role to play in the social, economic and spiritual regeneration of Redfield.

We aim to do this by:

  • maintaining a Christian presence in Redfield that is open and welcomes all people regardless of age, gender, race, ability and background
  • providing opportunities for prayer and worship of different styles
  • encouraging people to come together to explore and deepen their Christian experience providing pastoral support
  • being part of the local community and sharing and addressing issues
  • getting involved in issues of concern to our local community
  • working in partnership with other groups and organizations who share common goals



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